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A principle-based motivational seminar for personal growth, success and achievement.

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pastor dester
Dr. Dexter Thomas, motivational coach, nonprofit execcutive director, author, entrepreneur.

Speaker - Dexter Thomas

With much humor and laughter, Dexter will take you on an incredible journey of learning to live a life of personal power and success. He has been doing motivational speaking around the world for the past 15 years, speaking in hundreds of events at businesses, churches, universities, and prisons, to over 20,000 individuals in 10 countries. His heart is to give practical tools for improving every area of our life.

Dexter knows about motivation and overcoming because he has overcome significant difficulties in his own life. Born blind into a poor family of 8 children in a low-income community, his early life had many limitations. His insights, which come from years of experience, will help you. And his love for his audience will make you feel right at home. From side splitting laughter to deep personal insights he guarantees to make this a weekend to remember.

In one weekend, you will learn how to master your life and the principles of growth and success.

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